Where do I put switches and sockets for safety and aesthetics?

When you are designing your home’s interiors, electrical wiring and switchboards need to be planned so that they don’t become an eye sore that takes away from the overall look of your home once the project is completed. Positioning the switches in every room needs careful thought. They should be easily accessible, but well-concealed so that they don’t distract from the room’s design style or theme. Additionally, in a home with young children, from a safety aspect, the switches need child-proofing to keep them out of reach of little fingers.

In today’s ideabook, we present 9 design ideas that you can choose for positioning switches in your home.

1. High safety

.. Modern corridor, hallway & stairs by homify Modern

2. Splash-free accessibility

Eclectic style bathroom by groupDCA Eclectic

In most bathrooms, the plug point is built into the light switch panel, so it needs to be placed at a location that doesn’t get wet easily. For example, in this bathroom, although there’s space for the switches between the mirror and the basin, it is fixed higher up on the wall next to the basin to keep it away from the splash zone. This ensures that the plug point is always dry and safe to use, and it is still conveniently placed for plugging in appliances such as hair dryers and electric shavers, for which one needs the mirror.

3. Close for comfort

Minimalist bedroom by homify Minimalist Plywood

Switches need to be placed conveniently where they can be reached easily without stretching or bending too much. This is especially important in a bedroom where you need the light switch located at a place where you can access it while lying down. Whether it’s for turning out the light before bedtime or switching it on in the middle of the night, placing it within arm’s reach saves you from pulling a muscle by overstretching or crashing into furniture in the dark.

4. Multi-level convenience

Master Bedroom Modern style bedroom by RAVI - NUPUR ARCHITECTS Modern

The media room or the area near the television needs several plug points for connecting the home theatre, television, DVD player, digital receiver and other accessories. It’s best to have an idea of the exact location of each device so that the switch panel can be fixed near it, like in this home where switches are fixed at different levels near the entertainment unit. Moreover, this way you can install your TV at the right height without losing the convenience of quickly accessing the switchboard.

5. Camouflage switch

Kids Room Study & tree shaped bookshelf Modern style bedroom by RAVI - NUPUR ARCHITECTS Modern

When a room is being designed to a theme, it’s a good idea not only to place the switches where they are easy to access, but also to ensure they blend with the design. Notice how the rectangular switch panel in this kids’ room camouflages perfectly into the geometric wall art?

6. Counter top convenience

The Shah Villa Minimalist kitchen by Elevate Lifestyles Minimalist

In a kitchen, it’s convenient to have multiple plug points fitted into the wall behind the work counter so that appliances can be connected easily. Having several plug points ensures that you can run more than one appliance at a time, helping you work efficiently.

Modern houses by Casas inHAUS Modern

7. An eye on aesthetics

Classic style living room by Bituleva Project Classic

In this classic living room, the light switches are placed in a vertical strip in the centre of the wall panel to ensure that they don’t create an eyesore. In fact, the designer has chosen a white switchboard design that blends with the theme.

8. Entry point access

Project of Rajguru Nagar Modern corridor, hallway & stairs by QBIX DESIGNS Modern Wood Wood effect

Whether it’s a light switch at the top or bottom of a staircase, the one near the main door or at the entrance to the dressing area or any other room in the house, it’s always a good idea to have the switch panel placed on the wall at the entry point of the area. Ideally, the switch should be at shoulder height or slightly lower, so that you can easily turn on the lights before you walk into the room.

9. Customized

Minimalist schools by Studio Rémi BOUHANICHE Minimalist

Of course, if you like the convenience of having a switch within easy reach in the areas that you use most often, it’s best to consultyour designer and customize the placement of panels. For example, a switchbuilt into the table top of a work desk, like in this image, is a great idea asit saves you the trouble of getting up to turn on the light when it gets dark. Thisis also worth considering for the area near the bath tub, hot tub or even acosy reading corner in your home.

For more tips on lighting, see this ideabook.

Some other places for switches and sockets

Residence Design, Bhera Enclave Eclectic style study/office by H5 Interior Design Eclectic

Here is another suitable position for switches and sockets to enjoy quick access as well as utmost safety. While working on your laptop or while using your phone, you can comfortably plug the wires under the built-in table. The professionals have made sure that even if you accidentally spill drinks on the table, the sockets will remain completely protected.

The Golden Touch Modern living room by The 7th Corner Interior Modern Plywood

If you are looking for appropriate positions to install electrical switches for homes, then this might be just the right option. Here, few plug points have been installed near the couch to help you use your phone and other gadgets while comfortably relaxing on the couch. Also, it becomes easier to control the ceiling lights with switches placed so close to your seating. Other switches for home lighting have been installed on the wall near the TV unit at a specific height to make it easier to keep your gadgets out of reach of the kids.


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