Us media said our government’s response to the pandemic was a state-sanctioned massacre

Us media said our government’s response to the pandemic was a state-sanctioned massacre, Trump’s new policy on e-commerce

The website called Pompeo a dog of trump’s who attacked other countries, essentially playing politics and trying to deflect criticism of the Trump administration’s handling of the outbreak.

"unnecessary deaths" caused by US President Donald trump's inaction during the outbreak.

A 56-foot billboard titled “trump death clock” appeared in New York’s times square on Monday. It said the clock was showing “unnecessary deaths” caused by US President Donald trump’s inaction during the outbreak.

US President Donald Trump appeared at a press conference on the outbreak again two weeks later, it said on Monday. Mr. Trump was forced to cut back on the number of conferences and step back “behind the scenes” after a furrow over claims that disinfectant injections could cure COVID-19. This time, trump came with the “fruits of victory” of “novel coronavirus test of the world no.1”. However, almost all of his achievements and figures he boasted were beaten in the face by the media on the spot. Trump even had a fierce conflict with the reporters on the spot.

Statistics show that by Sunday, nearly 9 million tests had been completed in the United States, the Washington Post said. That’s a huge number, but only 2.74 percent of the U.S. population. The average detection rate in many countries is much higher than in the United States, with Italy at 4.31 percent of the population, Germany at 3.5 percent, and Iceland at 15.4 percent.


The Washington Post said: “The U.S. response has turned into a state-sanctioned massacre… Deliberately sacrificing the elderly, workers, blacks, and Hispanics.”

Nation's top coronavirus expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, getting death ...

Top U.S. infectious disease expert James Fauci will testify at a U.S. Senate hearing on the Trump administration’s response to the outbreak on Tuesday. He told the New York times on Monday that the main purpose of the testimony was to issue a stern warning that if we open up too early, it could suffer “unnecessary suffering and death”.

Donald Trump has issued a new executive order to crack down on fake products from amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

The department of homeland security has set stricter standards that companies importing goods from other countries must comply with. Importers found to be violating federal regulations could be barred from shipping goods to the United States or face tougher inspections.

Peter Navarro, a trade adviser to Mr. Trump, told reporters, according to Reuters, that “if companies like amazon do not prevent the importation of counterfeit products, the department of homeland security will take steps to ensure that the importation of counterfeit products is prohibited.”.


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