The United States is returning to work in early may and hopes the outbreak will stabilize

More than 780,000 cases of novel coronavirus have been reported in the United States,2548961876&fm=26&gp=0.jpg

As of 6 p.m. Et on April 20, there were 782,159 cases of COVID 19 in the United States, including 41,816 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins university real-time surveillance system.

By adding more than 20, 000 people a day, millions more are infected, and the spike has yet to come.

Protests against social segregation broke out in many parts of the United States, with large numbers of people taking to the streets to demand that work be resumed

In the face of the world’s problems, countries around the world have been affected, among them, the United States is the worst. In just one month, 22 million people lost their jobs, which made more than a decade of efforts in the United States in vain.

Many Americans have no income because of unemployment, which makes it difficult for them to live. Some people can’t even pay the rent and are evicted from their homes by landlords.

In the face of this, U.S. President Donald Trump is ready to make a big deal out of it. He has decided that by early May, all the businesses in the United States will gradually start working again to restart the American economy.

However, trump’s decision has been strongly criticized by the public, because the current situation in the United States, it is difficult to reach the degree of return to work in a short time, and the current situation in the United States, it is impossible to do large-scale testing.

If there is a large-scale resumption of work and the detection capacity is not kept up, the difficulty is likely to cause the second round of crisis. However, the current shortage of detection tools in the United States cannot cope with the large-scale resumption of work.

Trump: the U.S. will buy 75 million barrels of crude to strengthen its strategic stockpile

US President Donald Trump said at a briefing on the outbreak that record low oil prices are new to many people, MSNBC reported. Will add 75 million barrels of oil to national reserves to strengthen the U.S. strategic petroleum reserve.

The May WTI contract collapsed to an unprecedented level, settling at minus $37.63 a barrel, or about 305 percent lower at $55.90, after hitting a record low of minus $40.32 a barrel.

Trump deflected public attention by frequently blaming China for its poor response to the epidemic

President Trump also stepped up his criticism of the Chinese government’s handling of the outbreak as he sought to stimulate the economy and deflect public attention. “If it’s wrong, it’s wrong,” Mr. Trump said at a news conference over the weekend. “But if they did it on purpose, of course, there will be consequences.”

China supplies the United States with large quantities of anti-epidemic materials

According to customs statistics, from March 1 to April 17, China provided the United States with 1.864 billion masks, 258 million pairs of medical gloves, 29.19 million sets of medical protective clothing, 3.13 million pairs of goggles and 4,400 sets of respirators.

China has also been working hard to help other countries control the epidemic. On earth, China only hopes that all the people in the world are well. Without health, what is the meaning of talking about the economy and development? Come on, the world, China is always there.

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