The United States and Iran have recently escalated their conflict, If US and Iran go to war, which countries will be involved?

Sent unmanned aircraft in the airstrike killed in Iraq in the United States the Iranian revolutionary guard commander of the Quds force, after Suleiman, the Middle East a tumult, January 8 in the morning, Iran to the United States two military bases in Iraq “dozens” missile launch, threatened to “play” in the Middle East, us in retaliation for the Quds force former commanders Suleiman was clear.

Local time on January 8, around half past eleven in the morning, in the White House issued a formal statement trump, he confirmed that no U.S. casualties in a statement, announced new economic sanctions imposed on Iran and condemn Suleiman, is a world-class terrorists, accused the Iranian nuclear agreement stupid, emphasize not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons, called on all sides to reach a new agreement with Iran.

U.S. ambassador kelly kraft told the United Nations on Wednesday that the U.S. airstrike that killed Iranian commander Suleiman Suleiman last week was carried out in “self-defense” and vowed to take further action in the Middle East “if necessary” to protect U.S. personnel and interests, Reuters reported Wednesday. In a letter to the u.n. security council, she said the United States also stands ready to “engage in serious negotiations with Iran without preconditions.”

For its part, Iran is reluctant to go to war with the Americans. Or rather, not to go to war with the United States. The United States is the world’s only superpower, far more powerful than Iran, not to mention Iran, even Russia dare not fight with the United States. After more than 30 years of recuperation after the Iran-Iraq war, Iran has just recovered. After years of operation, it has just woven a network of power in the Middle East, and Iran is developing in a better direction. So Iran is not willing to break that, and if the two sides go to war, Iran will lose, if not be uprooted by the Americans, then go back to pre-liberation. So Iran is not willing to go to war with the Americans, because the gap is too wide.

Americans, for their part, are equally reluctant to go to war. Of course, Americans are just unwilling, not afraid. The United States is far more powerful than Iran.  But once the war starts, Iran will definitely fight back crazily, the United States will surely suffer a lot of losses, the United States is likely to get bogged down in the quagmire of war. America’s Allies, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel, would also suffer. That is not what the Americans want. Neither the Americans nor America’s Allies will allow Iran to be attacked. European countries with economic interests in Iran, such as Britain, France, and Germany, have spoken out against the United States for fear of losing their interests in Iran while neighboring Israel and Saudi Arabia have stayed silent. As for Russia and other powers, they have openly backed Iran with joint naval exercises in the Persian Gulf.

But on the other hand, if the situation deteriorates dramatically and the United States and Iran start a war, which countries will be involved in the war?

1: British

At a time when relations between the United States and Iraq have deteriorated sharply, Britain, which has a joint military presence with the United States, has spoken out on regional trends. Military bases in Iraq after the rocket attacks, Britain not only to escort warships in the Persian gulf to release the new order and to add to the heavy equipment special operations personnel in Iraq to prevent Iran’s revenge, and the British in the Persian Gulf near a nuclear-powered attack submarine, if the British military assets in maritime military, nuclear submarines will be fired tomahawk cruise missiles to hit back. Obviously, if there is a war between the United States and Iraq, Britain may want to get involved on the ground.

2: Israel

It is not a day or two before Israel wants a military strike on Iran, but it is not confident enough to win on its own. Israel sees Iran as a thorn in the side, but its territory is too small for strategic depth to bear the brunt of a first military strike against Iranian ballistic missiles.

3: Iraq

Iraqi shi ‘militias have long been bitter to the United States. The first wave of American bombing targeted members of the militia known as the popular mobilization force in Iraq, killing at least 20 people before killing Suleiman and several of its commanders. If the conflict in Iraq, Iraq will be a mess, don’t control the Iraq and the United States, even if the Iraqi government is not entirely are now pro-American, and development in recent years is bound to be on Iran and anti-American Shiite militia road, once launched full-scale war in the United States, at least in the face of a front over the pressure.

.4: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a key ally of the U.S. military in the Middle East, has also been at odds with the pro-Iran Houthis, who were the first to say they were behind the attacks on Saudi oil fields. In the event of a war, the Houthis know better than anyone that their lips are dead, and making trouble for the Saudis to ease the pressure on Iran is an option. Saudi Arabia, as a Sunni power, is also likely to follow America’s direct military threats against Iran and pro-Iranian forces, and the Houthis will naturally fight for their lives.

NO5: Russia

At this point do not doubt that Russia will go to war, but Russia will have to. If Russia gives up on Iran, its plans to work with Turkey and Iran to push for the exclusion of western powers will be dashed. Russia’s influence in the Middle East would also decline sharply, eroding the strategic space it had built up after its intervention in Syria.

So it’s very clear that Russia is going to participate. But Russia is unlikely to send troops directly, mainly through the United Nations to counter the United States, and to provide Iran with weapons and even military commanders and special operations forces. In fact, if war breaks out, it will no longer be Iran, but Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and even Libya. The chaos will also be suitable for Russian infiltration to some extent.

NO6: Turkey

Needless to say, Turkey is definitely trying to help Iran right now. In recent years, Turkey’s relations with Israel, Greece, and the United States have deteriorated. Instead, cooperation with Russia and Iran has reached a historic high.

NO7: united Arab emirates

In the strait of Hormuz, the two countries have long disputed the ownership of the three islands of the great tub, little tub, and ABU Musa.

In a word, we all hope that there will be peace in the world and no war in every country. Peaceful development is the most lasting development.


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