Thailand’s worst shootings cause 30 deaths and 58 injuries, why did the murderer get so many weapons?

Thai Prime Minister Bayu said on the 9th that a mass shooting on Saturday night has killed at least 27 people and injured 57. He said the killer had committed the crime for personal debt and described the incident as “unprecedented.”

At 3 pm on the 8th, the 32-year-old gunman and Royal Thai Army Chief Sergeant Jakrapanth Thomma shot and killed his boss after arguing with his superiors in a military camp in Nakhon Ratchasima. He seized weapons and ammunition and escaped in a military vehicle. , Also shot at passersby along the way.

Eventually, he broke into a large local mall and caused a lot of casualties, and also hijacked some hostages. Thai military police blocked the scene and evacuated hundreds of people trapped there overnight. At about 8.30 am on the 9th, the gunman was shot dead. The incident lasted about 16 hours.

The gunman is a Thai army sergeant who allegedly murdered in a debt dispute

Bayu revealed that the barracks’ arsenal was not left unattended, but the gunmen attacked the guards to obtain weapons including the M60 heavy machine gun. “This is not caused by carelessness.” He also believes that the gunman committed the crime due to personal debt.

The Associated Press quoted sources as saying that the gunman initially shot his boss and his mother-in-law in a barracks house. The deceased is believed to have a land transaction dispute with the gunman.

Thailand ’s Ministry of National Defense said on the 8th that it was not clear what the gunman ’s motive was, and the other party “looked crazy”.Bayu described the shooting as “unprecedented”, “I hope this crisis is the only one and the last. No one wants to see such a thing. It may be because this person (the gunman) has a psychological problem at the moment.”

Thai people are concerned about why a soldier can rob so many weapons and ammunition from an ammunition depot. An army spokesman, Wen Tai, said that in the future, Vian soldiers will be more vigilant when guarding the military base ammunition depot.

Wen Tai said that Jacpan knew the soldiers in charge of guarding the ammunition depot in the camp. When Jacpan attacked the ammunition depot, these guarding soldiers had no defense ability at all. Wen Tai called the incident “unprecedented.”

Wen Tai said that the Army’s manpower is currently assisting the wounded. When the situation improves, the Army will investigate the cause of the entire incident before the Army can further adjust its practices.

Army Commander Apirat Kongsompong announced on the 9th that Army soldiers must remove the bolt from the weapon and give it to the commander. Future soldiers on duty in the camp are prohibited from carrying machine guns and ammunition. Except for the border government, these new rules apply to all Thai military bases.

According to another report, Yin of Nakhon Ratchasima Province said that this was the worst mass shooting in the modern history of Thailand, which brought huge psychological shadow and pain to the local people who are on the small holiday of Thai Buddha’s Festival

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