Shopping Tips for the Best Patio Umbrella Lights

During the good days, we will always spend our time on the patio, to have fun with family, or simply sit there and do nothing. In the daytime, we can fully enjoy the pleasure moment, but in the evening or late night, you need to have lights out there if you want to continue the happy times.

If you have reviewed the 10 of the best patio umbrella lights from Amazon, before you go to buying one you need, we’d like to share a detailed buying guide related to patio umbrella lights that will take you through the following points that are highly useful to know before buying one.

1. Number of LEDs

The number of LEDs will determine the brightness that it shines on your patio table. If you want to know how bright the light can cast, besides the lumen to check, you can also check the LED count, the more of it, the brighter (compared with the same type of LEDs).

While basic models come with 24 or 28 LEDs, others might offer up to 36 LEDs (see above the 6th model). Remember that if you choose the light with more LEDs, it can also affect the battery life of your patio umbrella light, since it consumes more power to get brighter.

2. Brightness Setting

Most patio lights now are with the function to adjust the brightness, so you can get the most desired brightness to fit for different occasions. Some patio lights might only have 2 brightness levels, while others can have 3 or even more than 10 brightness levels (see model 10). If the patio light is pretty bright, you may need more brightness level options, so you can dim the light and save battery life to the maximum extent.

3. Waterproof Rating

Be aware that although your light is mounted outside with the patio umbrella together, it might not waterproof. In fact, according to our research and test, most of the patio umbrella lights (the round type with clamp) are not waterproof.

Unless the product or package has marked the IP Rating (such as IP65) on it, always keep the light from the wet conditions and avoid the water drop on it, especially during the rainstorm day. Because the umbrella lights are electronic products and with battery, if water comes inside, it dies.

4. Batteries or USB powered

Since a patio umbrella light is supposed to be used in the outdoors, it is not possible to plug it into a power source and there is also no outlet nearby. Instead, they use batteries or USB to power the lights. If the models are powered by AA batteries, check how many batteries will be required.

While some models use just 2 AA batteries, others might even use up to 6 AA batteries. Usually, a higher battery count can power the light and last for a long time. If it runs on a few batteries, you need to check whether it’s with USB powered option, therefore, to make sure the light can be powered for a long time.

5. Warranty Period

Since a patio umbrella light gets used in the outdoors, it has to face a lot of environmental forces like rain and heat. Hence, it needs to be highly reliable and durable. Apart from getting a waterproof model, you should also check its warranty as while some options come with a 1-year long warranty, others offer a 2-year long warranty.

Advanced Features of Umbrella Lights

Apart from the above standard configuration of an umbrella pole light, below are the other advanced features that you can take into consideration if you need more powerful functions.

1. Rechargeable Battery

Umbrella light with rechargeable function is quite convenient for daily used. Some of these lights use regular disposable AA batteries, while others have a built-in battery that gets recharged via a plug, or through a USB cable. These are more environmentally friendly than regular batteries, and in the long run cheaper too. More importantly, when the light is run out of power, you simply just use a USB to charge without having to take down the light, can still enjoy the happy moment.

2. Solar Power

The patio umbrella blocks the sunshine so we can sit there and enjoy a comfortable moment. But, why not take full advantage of the sunshine and make the most of it? Solar power is a nice way to power umbrella lights and it’s sustainable energy.

For the solar-powered umbrella lights, typically the solar cell is attached to the top of the umbrella, and the cell soaks up the sun’s rays throughout the day. When the night time comes, the lights are fully charged and can glow for several hours, and then the next day it recharges automatically and then goes on.

3. Remote Control

Because the umbrella lights are mounted high on the pole with its built-in clamp, sometimes it’s not convenient for you to turn on/off the light or adjust the brightness. But, if the light can be remote controlled, it could be a really practical function to us. Therefore, no matter you want to set the different brightness or you want to turn off the lamp, grab the remote, and simply with one press, then you’re done.

4. RGB Color Changing

The lights with RGB color is a nice bonus to have with. At night it gives off sufficient light for the gathering and when you want to throw a party in the backyard, you can also set the light into RGB mode, add a festive aura to the party.

Other Things to Think Of

Although you might have the decision now to buy the best patio umbrella lights, before pay, check one more step of what’s your umbrella like? Following are the two types of patio umbrella we can found in the market, from the photos we can see that one design is with umbrella pole in the side, and another the pole is in the middle.

Therefore, if your umbrella pole is in the middle, the round shape umbrella lights with clamp are perfect. It’s easy to attach to the pole and can light up the patio table where you need it exactly.

But, if the umbrella pole is from the side, mount the light to the pole is not an option now since it shines to the wrong area. In this situation, you can check whether the light is with hooks on top, if so, then you can just hang it on the spoke. Otherwise, you can also use the umbrella string lights, so that you can run these lights up to each spoke and tight it with the zip ties. The umbrella string lights maybe not offer a direct light to your patio table, but it could be also served as decorative lighting and send a joyful atmosphere.


By now, you should have all the information you need to make a fully informed purchasing decision about the best patio umbrella lights for your backyard.

Yet if there’s still something that’s left you scratching your head, you can post any questions in the comments section. Also, you can share your thoughts down there if you have any. We love to answer your questions and share more information with you!

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