Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area: bright lights shine business opportunities

Luxury is famous for its hand-crafted Bohemian crystal chandeliers, which shimmer in the lobbies of luxury hotels, royal palaces and luxury residences around the world. Bohemian crystal is pure glass that looks like a natural crystal. Jan Vol ik, global sales and promotion director, lighting equipment division, said that the company’s lighting is not only the crystallization of excellent design and professional technology but also a valuable result of the company’s cooperation with customers.

Hong Kong is the marketing and promotion center in East Asia, the city’s five-star hotel is a natural place for the display of Preciosa chandelier. Vol ik said the company had previously installed lighting at Tosca, a luxury Michelin restaurant on the top floor of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Hong Kong, which was specially designed for the restaurant environment. “The elegant chandeliers, combined with the excellent food and service of the restaurant and the spectacular night view of Victoria harbor, create a theatre-like atmosphere,” he said.

Hong Kong is very important to Preciosa, not only as a source of high-end customers but also as the company’s business development and customer service center to help them sell their products to other cities such as Macau. Vol ik pointed out that a number of renowned casino hotels in Macau are important clients of Preciosa: web design or co-design unique custom chandeliers for these clients, and we will provide lamp cleaning services as stipulated in the cooperation agreement.

Opportunities for cities in the greater bay area

At present, the boss has fully covered the markets of Hong Kong and Macao and has its eyes on the rapidly developing cities of the greater bay area. These places have great potential for development, with the demand for lighting in hotels, shopping malls, theme parks, and residential developments. Vol ik believes this reflects the growing business of retail customers: “the greater bay area has become one of the biggest opportunities for Preciosa in Asia. We are seeing increasing demand for a wide range of lighting products in the region, such as lighting for airports and private homes.”

Bao shi ao she has offices in Guangzhou and Dongguan and hopes to establish business relations with local partners in the greater bay area. The partners must have long-term development prospects, business on track, and insist on providing top-quality lighting, consistent with the concept of bao shi ao sha. Vol ik says of the type of partner the company is looking for: “we work with specialists in the lighting industry, such as design firms, especially those interested in showcasing quality western brands in luxury showrooms, but also want to establish regional partnerships with retailers, which will help us to close deals.”

Another strategy is to approach local real estate development companies and government agencies in the greater bay area cities to explore opportunities to install lighting fixtures for large projects and government buildings. The company’s goal is to differentiate itself in “environmental design”, adding beauty to the interior while also adapting to local needs.

Artificial intelligence controls sound and light

The more anticipated innovation is interactive lighting. This kind of lighting combines hand-made crystal glass decorations with artificial intelligence components that can sense human movements and emotions. The company in April this year in Milan Euroluce 2019 lighting exhibition on display at the artificial intelligent lighting, Vol š ik, said: “This kind of intelligent lighting equipment can help us to build the advantage in this field. We use artificial intelligence software will sound and light together, show the beauty and exquisite craft of the Czech Republic, the classical breath. For example, we can as the lamp is acted the role of programming, make it won’t react to the restaurant’s environment noise, only will cooperate with a toast to the guests changed lighting effects.”

Preciosa is interested in bringing such lighting to Asia, including Hong Kong and other parts of the greater bay area, with particular attention to the needs of large malls and museums. Vol ik stressed that the trend of lighting installations in the greater bay area, shopping malls, and other places is to be practical and artistic, which can attract people. Preciosa’s strong suit, a trump card that has served the company well in the region.

Hong Kong is a “super hub”

Vol ik describes Hong Kong as a “super hub” for these new ideas because of the innovative atmosphere in the lighting sector and the opportunities to interact with property developers, combining creativity with an international perspective. Vol ik also pointed out that Hong Kong has a huge pool of talent: “For us to achieve some advanced projects, we have to rely on our Hong Kong staff, who have done a good job in sales promotion, are very well aware of customer reactions to various types of lighting and know how to follow up their needs.”

Over the years, Preciosa has been working with young designers from various design schools in Hong Kong and has been running in-house training programs to enable local designers to understand the properties of crystal glass and learn how to use Czech expertise in the context of Asian culture. Explaining the concept, Vol ik said: “Czech generations have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the technology and application of crystal glass, but few universities have been able to impart such knowledge, so we want to work with institutions in Hong Kong, the mainland and throughout Asia to provide expertise in this field.”

Vol ik believes that the mainland cities of the greater bay area, together with Hong Kong and Macao, constitute an economic zone that can be regarded as a global hub. He said the rapid development of logistics links between the mainland and Hong Kong, such as the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed rail link and the hong kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge, would provide Preciosa with more opportunities to attract quality customers.

Enrich and enrich the experience

Vol ik said that the promotion of the greater bay area development plan was beneficial tooPreciosa, as the cities in the region were better connected and competing with each other, which would help the company to identify a group of smart customers who would be interested in quality, price, and brand and would appreciate the company’s after-sales maintenance service and dedication to customer service. These customers, says Vol ik, will drive the company to become more competitive and innovative: “our customers in the greater bay area are very demanding, so the lighting and services we provide have to be better to meet their needs. This idea drives us to strive for excellence and direction.”

Preciosa’s goal is not only to sell products from Europe but also to ensure that its lighting designs are unique, respectful of local traditions and the environment, as well as feng shui. The company’s idea is to combine Czech crystal traditions, new technology, and mainland culture.

Preciosa’s products are personalized, designed and crafted. As millennials in the greater bay area become wealthier, demand for such products will increase. In fact, the current trend is to pair modern, minimalist interiors with classical chandeliers and even old-fashioned candle lights. Bossa lighting is expensive, but this does not appear to be a major barrier to sales, as the products are designed and installed to add glamour and make the place a richer and more memorable experience, and to last a long time after installation.


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