Author - Umbrella Robert Li

Want LED more “longevity”? What you must know about LED corrosion protection

Avoiding LED corrosion is an important part of improving LED reliability. This article analyzes the causes of LED corrosion, and gives the main methods to avoid corrosion-avoid LEDs approaching harmful substances, and effectively limit the concentration level of harmful substances and the ambient temperature. Q: How to prevent the LED from being corroded? Keywords: LED, corrosion, product performance, optoelectronic element The reliability of LED products is one of the important specifications used to estimate the life of LED products. Even under most different conditions, [...]

2020 Us Election Begins with the Democratic Party’s First Battle in Lowa

New York Times, CNN and Reuters: the U.S. Democratic Party held the nation’s first primary vote in the state of Iowa in the form of a caucus with 11 candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts senator warren. The primary is seen as the start of the 2020 us presidential campaign and a bellwether, with all sides trying to drum up votes. In every election year, Iowa is the first state to vote, which [...]

In 2019, Brazil’s foreign trade, China and the United States are the main import and export forces

Brazil’s exports totaled $205.86 billion in 2019, down 14 percent year-on-year, according to the Brazilian economy ministry. Imports totaled us $164.789 billion, down 9% year-on-year.The top five destination countries of Brazil’s exports are China, the United States, the Netherlands, Argentina, and Japan. The proportion of exports to the top five destination countries in total exports is 28%, 13%, 5%, 4%, and 2%, respectively. Other major export destinations include Chile, Mexico, Germany, Spain, and South Korea. In 2019, Brazil exported $57.62 [...]

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area: bright lights shine business opportunities

Luxury is famous for its hand-crafted Bohemian crystal chandeliers, which shimmer in the lobbies of luxury hotels, royal palaces and luxury residences around the world. Bohemian crystal is pure glass that looks like a natural crystal. Jan Vol ik, global sales and promotion director, lighting equipment division, said that the company’s lighting is not only the crystallization of excellent design and professional technology but also a valuable result of the company’s cooperation with customers. Hong Kong is the marketing and [...]

More than 500 million animals have died in Australia’s devastating fires, What is the future of fire fighting?

With abundant and diverse animal and plant resources, unique and magnificent natural landscape, and diversified culture advocating nature, Australia has become the dream home of unique species by virtue of its unique geographical origin. But Australia’s recent wildfires, which have raged since last September, have shocked the world, burning more than 10.3 million hectares, the size of South Korea. The increasingly intense fire in Australia has once again aroused heated discussions around the world. The pictures of the destruction of [...]

The United States and Iran have recently escalated their conflict, If US and Iran go to war, which countries will be involved?

Sent unmanned aircraft in the airstrike killed in Iraq in the United States the Iranian revolutionary guard commander of the Quds force, after Suleiman, the Middle East a tumult, January 8 in the morning, Iran to the United States two military bases in Iraq “dozens” missile launch, threatened to “play” in the Middle East, us in retaliation for the Quds force former commanders Suleiman was clear.Local time on January 8, around half past eleven in the morning, in the [...]